Your Domme Mistresses

Nobody would tell about you, when seeing you in court, winning case after case, being the uncompromising shark you are, that something very... different gets you going sexually. You dominate at work and in the courtroom, and that’s exactly why you enjoy giving the reins to gorgeous women and wanting them to dominate you in bed… Shalina Devine was your very first domme mistress, she taught you how to be a good sub to your domina.

Simon Kitty and Leanne Lace always have fun together, taking care of their favorite sub, aka you, in threesomes. You already can't wait for your first session with your brand-new domme mistress, Milan Cheek, who loves spicing things up with foot fetish. Time to be a good sub and let your domme mistresses take very good care of you.

Uploaded: 2024.06.11
Released: 2024